Bridal Henna

Traditionally for centuries, Mehndi has been drawn on brides to symbolize love, happiness, prosperity and harmony for the couple. Historically henna art is considered to belong to the female domain, so bridal henna is the celebration of embracing the bride to the groom’s family.

Henna Parties

Henna is a great way of adorning the hands, feet and body to celebrate beauty, health and prosperity. The sands of time have left behind this unique art form, which has been faithfully passed on from one generation to the next. To the West, it is a temporary tattoo. To the East, it is about women, celebration, hope, transition, growth, auspicious, spirituality, fortune and above all pure beauty.

Mehndi goes Trendy

With world renowned Bollywood celebrity, Aishwarya Rai, portrayed here, this Eastern Art form is growing rapid interest in the West, with the advent of Hollywood celebrities like Madonna, Liv Tyler, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell and many more high-profile stars adorning their body with Mehndi. The most important factor for Mehndi’s popularity  is its temporary and painless nature. Mehndi is making a fashion statement world wide because it adds elegance, sparkle and style to the wearer.

Henna as Therapy

Henna is extensively used as a therapy since ancient times.  It cools the body and calms the nerves, it can be a very relaxing, uplifting experience to heal your body and spirit. If you get frequent heat related headaches, having henna drawn on your palms and feet can relieve you of the pain. Any stressful situation, can find henna painting to calm the nerves and muscles.
The new trend of henna painting on the head has started with patients undergoing chemotherapy, needing an added beauty to their looks and feel. Having henna done on your head leaves you with an elegant and delicate look, and you can choose to paint different designs each month to make you look and feel great!

Other Henna Occasions

Although henna has been traditionally used for celebrations, it is expanding its presence in the USA as a fashion statement and a self-expression tool. Research students come to Henna Bash to get henna to help them with their thesis; henna is used in drama, fashion shows, commercials, magazines, TV and movies for sporting a trendy look. Belly dancers and Indian dancers get henna done to highlight their dance expression. Promoters of business get henna done on hands & feet to attract clients.

Henna adds richness and beauty to your being. Henna would make an everlasting impression as a gift for someone special in your life.                   


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