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About the Artist & Henna Bash
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley (City of Cupertino) and serving the entire Bay Area Community, California, Henna Bash offers Professional and Exclusive Henna Art (also called as Mehndi or Henna Tattoo) services for individuals, groups, private parties, schools, colleges, businesses, spas, salons, corporations and any event big or small that requires one or more Henna Artist.
Our extended services include Event Photography, Ethnic Bridal /Party designer wear, Ethnic Jewelry, Gift items, Flower Garlands, Rangoli Artist and more...

Our Mission
An uncompromising commitment to exceed client expectations in the Professional, Fast, Clean, Safe and Quality Henna Art services we deliver.

The Founder
Roopa Raman, the artistic director of Henna Bash comes with a wealth of artistic creativity, leadership skills and professionalism. Art has been a driving force in Raman’s life from childhood. As a little girl, she was inspired to draw freehand and whenever she got an opportunity to sit and converse, she had a paper and pencil with her that kept her inspired in her creations. Her natural talent won her several awards and prizes in drawing and painting contests, essay writing and artistic creations in school and college.

Although Raman ended up to be a software engineer by profession, her thirst for artistic expression never knew bounds. Her creative and leadership skills, along with her friendly demeanor truly set her apart to bring her artistic vision to the limelight.

After contributing to the IT industry for more than a decade, Raman took a giant leap by following her dreams and founded Henna Bash in 2004, after enjoying henna art as a hobby for almost 3 years. Since she grew up in India, with Henna art being an important menu in all the social gatherings, her diverse artistic and creative talents found a new beginning when she actually blended it into her passion for drawing.

Today, Raman, a licensed Henna Artist, has grown Henna Bash to new horizons by providing consistent quality service to all her clients. Her open-minded, friendly, patient and artistic approach has won her recognition in the media as well as numerous appreciations from her clients. Raman enjoys team spirit and often invites other Henna Artists in the area to work with her for big events. She brings in her additional artists who are certified and trained, to cater to the needs of big events.

Raman, has taken Henna Bash to various events – Fashion Shows, Library Teen Centers, Private Parties, Moroccan Events, Birthday Parties, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Promotion at Neiman Marcus, College and School Events, Shop & Spa Events, Community Fairs and Festivals and more.

Henna Bash travels the entire bay area. Call us to find out if we are in your city. We are open 7 days a week.

Disclaimer: Only natural henna is used in all our work. Ingredients in my henna paste are: henna powder, tea extract, sugar, lemon juice and pure essential oils.  As with all cosmetics and body care products, test on an inconspicuous area of skin for any  allergic reaction. Allergies can develop anytime, based on your health condition, so re-test before every application. Henna Bash strives to maintain all safety standards within its limit. However, Henna Bash is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions caused to its clients for use of its products and other 3rd party products.


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