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Moroccan Parties!
Just wanted to thank you again for being so kind and patient with everyone
when doing the tattoos. The palm of my hand turned out beautifully!
-Nancy (Heidi’s mother-in-law)

Thank You so much for coming this weekend.  I know Heidi will keep your info for her future parties.  We were all really happy with both of your work, and so beautiful and so FAST!  Really excellent.
I hope to see you again soon,
- Sandra


Professional Services

Thanks for your professional henna services at our party last night. Everyone
enjoyed their henna tattoos. Hope we will have a chance to work together again.
- Sujatha

Safe & Natural Henna

I saw the metro article about the shop/spa. There was a nice write up about Henna Bash in it. Autumn's henna turned out really nicely & she didn't have an allergic reaction. I can't tell you how happy she is about that!
- Susan

Beautiful Work

Wow you are fast!!!! I thank you so much...AWESOME work .we are admiring our adornment...
- Connie


Henna Demo

Thank you for giving us such a great presentation & program yesterday. The kids loved it! I especially liked your presentation because it was very educational. I think one of our librarians at the Antioch library is going to contact you soon. Plus, another librarian from Orinda thought it might be a good program for their library, too. I also e-mailed libraries in Santa Clara County today so I hope you get lots of calls soon. Thank you for driving all the way to Pinole. I know how hard it is to drive so far in all that traffic. I really appreciate it.
-Pinole Library

Henna as a Healer

Love the new tattoo...many, many compliments. I attract positive attention
wherever I go. Roopa, I want to tell you how marvelous my painted scalp makes me feel. I am physically and emotionally energized by it.  People who know me tell me I'm glowing.  People who don't know me stop me to tell me how neat it looks, sometimes even calling out from cars to voice their approval. I was
wondering if maybe the person who interviewed you for the Cupertino paper might want to do a follow-up on a cancer patient who had her head tattooed. Believe me, I'm not a publicity hound but I would like to share my story with others in my situation. It has been such a positive experience in the midst of a series of losses: my breast, my hair, my eyebrows, this week my eyelashes, energy, not to mention the feeling of not knowing who I am anymore. This experience with you and the henna tattoo has really helped my self-esteem enormously.  Talk about a healing story! What do you think?
- Lee Rogers

Clone Henna me?

Dear Roopa:
It was a real pleasure getting to know you - thanks for a great job once again. Next time, we'll have to ask you to clone yourself!

- Kavita

Lovely work

Everyone had a fabulous time and the Henna has turned out lovely!  I will most definitely be calling on you in the future.

Take care,
Kay Kang

Great Job!

Anyway, again, you did such a great job with our little party.  It was fantastic!  And, I've recommended you to several friends.

- Donna
You did an amazing job. Thank you! I have some lovely photos of you doing Henna.....may be I could mail these to you....may I have your address.
- Minty

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