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Henna Bash Services  
Henna Bash is a certified, licensed, professional henna studio located in the South Bay ( city of Cupertino), serving the entire bay area community for 5+ years. We pride ourselves in the exquisite, artistic, professional, fast, clean and reliable services we provide to our clients. We take daily appointments at our south bay location as well as travel the ENTIRE bay area to bring our services to you. Our artists are well trained and bring the most exquisite henna experience for you and your guests.

The Henna Bash Studio accommodates individuals and small groups (of less than 5) 7 days a week. Be sure to call early for an appointment, as we get booked quickly during the prime season (spring and summer). Although last minute calls are welcome, we ensure to fit you in, based on our schedule.

If you are thinking of an ethnic Indian themed birthday party, you can celebrate it at our studio with an ethnic ambiance. Call us for details.
Our key services:
Henna Bash can bring you MULTIPLE ARTISTS based on the event nature, size and duration. Listed here are some of the key henna artist services Henna Bash provides, though we do not limit ourselves to the endless possibilities of henna adornment, to any one occasion:
Weddings: Bridal Shower, Engagement, Sangeeth, Bridal Mehndi...  Bridal Mehndi, Glitter henna, Zardosi and jewel embellishments, Block henna and Henna tattoo sticker ( with or without jewels) - done on hands & feet, anklets, bracelets or small motifs.
Bridal Shower: Pregnancy, Childbirth, Newborn... celebrations for the Mom - adorn your hands & feet, belly or small designs. Henna we use is very safe on children.
Private Parties:Anniversary, Birthday, House Warming, Dinner party, Graduation, Farewell, Welcome party... include a very unique & elegant entertainment for your special event.
Bar & Bat Mitzvahs: Celebration of teenage, transition to puberty, youth party... our henna is safe on teens & youth of any age.
Parties: Henna Parties, Pajama Parties, School Carnivals, Graduation, College Carnivals, Graduation, Dance Party, Ladies-Night, Religious Events, Night of Henna, Theme Parties, Spa Parties, Meditation, Yoga & Spiritual gatherings, Sweet 16, Summer Bash, Vacation, Get-togethers.... add a fun & ethnic touch to your party with henna body art.
Corporate & Fundraising Events: Company parties, Picnics, Holiday Parties, Grand Openings, Cultural Events, Fundraising Events for schools, colleges & corporate... henna is becoming the most desired entertainment for such events.
Education & Training: Libraries, School, College or Private Demos, Training, Research, Media & News, Heath & Beauty, Magazines, Educative Materials.... learning about this ancient 5000 yrs old art form is very educative and enlightening, so you can appreciate the benefits of henna.
Heath & Beauty: Spas, Yoga, Meditation, Beauty Salons, Models, Fashion Shows, Magazines, Ayurveda,  Dancers, Movies, TV, Commercials, Videos, Films, Media, Photo Shoots, Travel, Vacation, Healing... henna adds a significant amount of healing and beauty  to the female domain. Henna can uplift your mood, heal you of sickness, calm your nerves and bring beauty to your outer and inner being.
CALL us today to add an enchanting henna experience for your next event...

Gift Certificates are available: Henna Bash Gift Certificates are available throughout the year to redeem for henna services, henna training, henna cones, photography and gift items. Gift certificates from us have no expiration dates and can be a great & unique way to show your love for someone. Gift certificates start from $10 & up.


Other Henna Bash Services:
Apart from the key henna services we provide, Henna Bash has expanded its services as per client request. We provide a wider range of services to accommodate our client needs and the desire to promote ethnic Indian art to the vibrant Bay Area community. We are working hard to offer you a one-stop shop for all your wedding and party needs. Here are the additional services we offer (the extended services link will give you the details of each):

  • Fresh Henna Cones with paste
  • Henna Art Training
  • Event / Wedding Photography
  • Flower Garlands
  • Ethnic Wedding/Party Designer Wear Outfits
  • Ethnic Jewelry
  • Party Favors
  • Rangoli Artist
  • Indian Theme Party
  • Indian  Musician
  • Indian Dancers

We can bring more artists to your event, to accommodate your needs.
Contact Henna Bash at hennabash@comcast.net or call (408) 621-4391 for your upcoming event.

Disclaimer: Only natural henna is used in all our work. Ingredients in my henna paste are: henna powder, tea extract, sugar, lemon juice and pure essential oils.  As with all cosmetics and body care products, test on an inconspicuous area of skin for any  allergic reaction. Allergies can develop anytime, based on your health condition, so re-test before every application. Henna Bash strives to maintain all safety standards within its limit. However, Henna Bash is NOT responsible for any allergic reactions caused to its clients for use of its products and other 3rd party products.

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